• Four male students holding their engineering scholarship certificates.
  • Dr. Steadman shaking hands with an engineering scholarship recipient.
  • Table of students at engineering scholarship ceremony.
  • Dr. Steadman with two male and four female students holding their engineering scholarship certificates.
  • Crowd at engineering scholarship ceremony sitting at tables listening to speaker.

Below is a list of scholarships for incoming Engineering students.  These scholarships are awarded by the College of Engineering and would be in addition to any academic scholarships awarded by USA's Office of Enrollment Services (i.e. Presidential, Bay Area, PTK Transfer, etc.). 

You may apply for University scholarships online using Jag$POT, USA's Scholarship Program Opportunity Tracker.

Deadline to apply for the College of Engineering Scholarships is January 31st for new academic year.

To review all scholarships offered by the University, visit the Office of Scholarship Services.

If you have any questions about scholarships, contact Nani Perez Uribe, Student Services Supervisor for the College of Engineering.

Engineering Scholarships for Incoming Students

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▼   Undergraduate Research Summer Opportunity - Incoming Freshmen

This is a $1,500 research stipend to be used Summer semester following freshman or sophomore year. The undergraduate research will take place at the University of South Alabama with a College of Engineering faculty member.

This opportunity is based on ACT scores and high school GPA, and there is no application required. Students need to apply and be admitted to the university by January 1 of their senior year. Students selected will be notified by letter to their on file address.

▼   USA LINK Scholarship - Incoming Transfer Students

The USA LINK Scholarship is a $6,000/year scholarship for incoming transfer students majoring in Engineering at USA. This scholarship is awarded for the Fall or Spring semester. 

Click here for more information on USA LINK.