Employment Opportunities

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Applying for Jobs through USA

All employment opportunities that are reported to the University of South Alabama (including full-time positions, co-ops, internships) are circulated to possible candidate students by the Career Development Office. Once a student creates an account in Handshake, emails will be sent to their JagMail account when positions become available. Students should browse through Handshake frequently for updated job postings, career events, and more. To create an account, you must first have a resume to upload and unofficial transcripts.

There are two types of employment opportunities, the co-op program and internships:

Cooperative Education Program

Working as an engineer in a professional setting is a great opportunity. Students gain real-world experience that will translate into a better understanding of the concepts they are learning in class, a glimpse into what their future will look like, and an ability to better define their job preferences when interviewing for a permanent position upon graduation. These are paid positions where students can earn two to three times the wage of a traditional college student job.

The University of South Alabama Engineering Cooperative Education Program provides an opportunity for students to alternate time in the classroom with periods of paid, full-time, career-related work experience. Work experience may take place in industry or government agencies.

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Students may also look for internships while they are taking classes at USA. Summer internships are usually a full-time job for 10-12 weeks between semesters. Engineering internships are usually paid positions.

There are also opportunities available for part-time internships, both during the summer and during the academic year. Please remember that being an engineering student is a full time occupation, so if you plan an internship be sure to meet with your advisor to discuss your course load.

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