Student Perceptions of Instruction (SPI)

Student Perceptions of Instruction (SPIs) are short surveys students are able to complete for each course in which they are enrolled. SPIs assess students’ perceptions of their courses and allows each student to provide feedback to his/her instructors. SPIs assess the quality of the course from the student’s perspective. Instructors are encouraged to use students’ feedback to make improvements to their courses. The use of SPI results depends on the procedures of each college at the University.

Additionally, depending on the college, SPI results are an important component of the Annual Faculty Evaluation.

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Survey Templates

Modified Student Perceptions of Instruction (Spring 2020) (PDF)

Survey of Student Perception of Instruction (PDF)

Lab Course Evaluation (PDF)


SPI Schedule


SPI Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Evaluations & Survey Results Reporting Resources

Berk, R.A. (2012). Top 20 Strategies to Increase the Online Response Rates of Student Rating Scales”. International Journal of Technology in Teaching and Learning, 8(2). 98-107. 

Students may also access their evaluations on USAonline by clicking the Course Evaluations button on the left of their screen.

Tips on Providing Instructors with Constructive Feedback