Administrative Unit Reporting

SACSCOC Principle 7.3 is one of three standards in section 7 focused on institutional planning and effectiveness. Ultimately, this set of principles focuses on the University’s activities related to regular planning, goal setting, and evaluation of the extent to which it is accomplishing its mission. Further, this section requires the University to demonstrate that it marshals its budget and other resources in support of its mission and identified goals. Lastly, the University should demonstrate through this process the use of data and information to inform and spur continuous improvement of the University.

Important Dates  
Tuesday, March 1 First Draft Due
Wednesday, March 2     Our office will begin reviewing first drafts on March 2nd. We will provide feedback on your draft by March 25th.
Friday, April 22 Final Draft Due


Additional Assessment Resources
Worksheet for Identifying Outcomes
SACS Standard 7.3