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  • Dr. Donna Wooster
    Dr. Donna Wooster, Chair of the Dept. of Occupational Therapy, received the AOTA Roster of Fellows award from the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA).

  • The Inaugural Theraball 2018
    Theraball 2018 is a formal fundraiser hosted by & benefitting University of South Alabama's Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy second year students.

  • ALAA Officers
    The Dept. of Occupational Therapy Faculty Receive Grant Awards from the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and ILC initiative. .

  • ALAA Officers
    Dr. Wilder Roberts and Dr. Elizabeth Adams were recently elected to the Board of the Alabama Academy of Audiology.

  • Dr. Michael Spector
    Dr. Michael Spector, professor of biomedical sciences in the Pat Capps Covey College of Allied Health, was recently featured in the Winter 2016 edition of Lead On for his contributions to boosting student research.

  • Dr. Kimberly Smith
    Dr. Kimberly Smith, Assistant Professor of Speech Pathology, has been named a recipient of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's 2016 Advancing Academic-Research Award.

  • ESEHSA Awards Scholarships and Equipment
    Under the direction of Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon, Associate Professor of Audiology, The Emerging Scholars Environmental Health Sciences Academy (ESEHSA) funded five high school students through a rigorous marine science course.

  • Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon (right) is pictured with Mayank Patel
    Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon (Speech Pathology and Audiology) receives the "Outstanding Faculty Member Award" in recognition for outstanding service to the international students at USA.

  • Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon
    Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon, Associate Professor of Audiology, has been notified of a successful grant renewal for the Environmental Literacy In Marine Science And The Health Impact Of Pollution project.

  • Grant funds High School Scholars
    At the Professional Development extension event held November 14, 2014, Davidson and Murphy High Schools received a combined total of over $12, 000 in laboratory wish list items from the Emerging Scholars Environmental Health Sciences Academy (ESEHSA) at the University of South Alabama (USA).

  • USA Faculty Development Council Research Grant
    Congratulations to Dr. Tara Davis and Dr. Kelli Evans (Speech Pathology and Audiology) for receiving a USA Faculty Development Council research grant for $4954 for their proposal "Information Processing by Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury: Evidence from Event-Related Potentials".


CAHP Awards

▼   Hall of Fame Awards

Hall of Fame Awards

Year Name Dept.
2023 Dr.  Christopher Watts SPA
2021 Dr. Debra Dwight SPA
2020 Dr. Christopher Watts SPA
2019 Paul Henderson PT
2018 Wendy Stirnkorb RAD
2017 Dr. Jocelyn Mayfield PT
2016 Jason Poyadou PA
2015 Dr. Andrew C. Bennett PT
2014 None  
2013 Dr. Jennifer Lister SPA
2012 Dr. Peter C. Panus PT
2011 Nicole Nix Sartain CRC
2010 Paige Plash PT
2009 David Wildebrandt OT
2008 Lt Col Brian Casleton CLS
2007 Wade Shields PA
2006 Sidney Scarborough PT
2005 Laurie Beth Owen CLS
▼   Anthony & Carol Denny National Alumni Awards Excellence in Teaching and Advising

Andy & Carol Denny National Alumni Awards

Year Name Award
2008 Dr. Brad Davis Teaching
2005 Dr. Brenda Beverly Teaching
2004 Dr. Cindy Stanfield Teaching
2002 Dr. Charles Gray Teaching
2001 Dr. Dennis Fell Teaching
2001 Melissa Wold Advising
▼   Faculty/Staff Awards

Faculty/Staff Awards

Year Name Dept Award
2023 Ms. Erin Lunn PA Teaching
2023 Dr. Nancy Rice BMD Service
2023 Ms. Angela Smith PT Administrative Support
2022 Mr. Joel Ellzie EMS Teaching
2022 Dr. Terry Ravine BMD Research
2022 Ms. Kendra Hudson SPA Service
2022 Ms. Brittney Day Advising Administrative Support
2021 Dr. Blair Saale PT Teaching
2021 Ms. Catherine Cooper RAD Service
2021 Dr. Dahye Choi SPA Research
2021 Dr. Padmamalini Thulasiraman BMD Research
2021 Ms. Sheila Wesson Dean's Office Administrative Support
2019 Dr. James Henderson BMD Teaching
2019 Mr. David Garmon EMS Service
2019 Dr. Brenda Beverly SPA Research
2018 Dr. Brenda Beverly SPA Teaching
2018 Ms. Patricia Brewer RAD Service
2018 Dr. Terrance Ravine BMD Research
2017 Ms. Patricia Brewer RAD Teaching
2017 Mr. Dale Smith RAD Service
2017 Dr. Paul Dagenais SPA Research
2016 Dr. Laura White PT Teaching
2016 Dr. Elisa Kennedy PT Service
2016 Dr. Tara Davis SPA Research
2015 Dr. Julie Estis SPA Teaching
2015 Dr. Susan Gordon-Hickey SPA Teaching
2015 Dr. Diane Abercrombie PA Research
2015 Ms. Mona Hagmaier PA Service
2014 Dr. Zari Aliabadi PA Teaching
2014 Dr. Ishara Ramkissoon SPA Research
2014 Dr. Laura White PT Service
2013 Dr. Donna Wooster OT Teaching
2013 Dr. Julio Turrens BMD/Dean Research
2013 Mr. Scotty McArthur EMS Service
2012 Dr. Elizabeth Adams SPA Teaching
2012 Dr. Susan Gordon-Hickey SPA Research
2012 Mr. Charlie Erwin EMS Service
2011 Dr. Jim Henderson PA Teaching
2011 David Garmon EMS Service
2010 Dr. Charles Newell RAD Teaching
2010 Dr. Julie Estis SPA Research
2010 Dr. Jean Irion PT Service
2009 Dr. Marjorie Scaffa OT Teaching
2009 Dr. Tim Holston SPA Service
2008 Dr. Brad Davis BMD Teaching
2008 Dr. Marjorie Scaffa OT Service
2007 Dr. Barry Dale PT Teaching
2007 Dr. Robert Moore SPA Research
2007 Mr. Rich Nenstiel PA Service
2006 Dr. John Jefferson PT Teaching
2006 Dr. Flint Boettcher SPA Research
2006 Dr. Dennis Fell PT Service
2005 Dr. Brenda Beverly SPA Teaching
2005 Dr. Jim Wall PT Research
2005 Ms. Vicki Barrett CLS Service
2003 Dr. Charles Gray PT Teaching
2003 Dr. Mike Spector BMD Research
2003 Dr. Cindy Stanfield BMD Service