6.2 Employee Vehicle Safety Guidelines

The safety of employees while driving University-owned or privately- owned vehicles for authorized work-related travel is of critical importance to the University.

Employees in positions requiring driving as an essential function must, as a condition of employment, adhere to safety standards and maintain satisfactory driving records as determined by the Risk Management Department. For all other employees, driving vehicles for authorized work-related purposes is considered an incidental function of their roles. Employees who use privately-owned vehicles for authorized business-related travel are eligible to receive mileage allowances in accordance with University policy. Additional pre-employment screenings are required for those employees in the University’s Transportation Department and Police Department required to drive University vehicles.

While driving vehicles on University business, all employees are required to comply with University policy, as well as state and local laws, including but not limited to:

  • Possessing a valid driver’s license.
  • Operating vehicles with insurance coverage as applicable.
  • Following all driving laws and safety rules such as: wearing seat belts, adhering to posted speed limits and directional signs; not driving while impaired due to illness or use of illegal/prescription drugs, alcohol, or other substances that may impair driving ability.
  • Avoid engaging in distracting activities, including but not limited to texting or e-mailing, while driving.
  • Promptly reporting accidents to local law enforcement.

Additionally, employees are:

  • Expected to exercise safety precautions, whether they are drivers or passengers in University-owned or personal vehicles being used for authorized business-related travel.
  • Responsible for any driving infractions or fines for their driving or being passengers.
  • Required to promptly report motor vehicle accidents or incidents related to their authorized business-related travel to their supervisors for completion of a USA Employee Incident/Accident Report Form.