6.5 University Mail, Telephone Usage and Fax Transmissions

Employees of the University are not to use the University mail system to send or receive personal mail.

When you answer the telephone, you represent the University of South Alabama. You should identify yourself and your department/unit when answering or making a call and always respond to callers in a manner that is pleasant, courteous, and helpful.

Telephones and fax and copy machines are to be used for University business purposes. Please do not impede the business operations of the University with personal phone calls. There should be no expectation of employee privacy when using the University phone system.

Use of cell phones must be held to a minimum and must not interfere with the employee’s work and/or the operations of the department. The University does not condone the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle or other machinery and will not be responsible to or for the employee or any third party for accidents which may occur when cell phones are used by the employee while doing so.

Inappropriate use of cell phone functions, cameras, and/or recording devices during work hours while on University business or on University property may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Unless authorized by management, use of phone/music/video devices for entertainment purposes during work hours is prohibited. As appropriate, the devices may be used during meal periods and/or breaks, provided they do not interfere with the work of other employees.