6.3 Photo Identification Cards and Parking Permits

As an employee of the University, you are provided with a photo identification card to be shown on request as verification of employment or proof of your eligibility to use University facilities and for security purposes. USA Health employees must wear their ID Badge at all times while in USA Health facilities. If you lose your I.D. Card/badge, please report the loss as soon as possible to your Human Resources Office.

▼ University General Division

All Faculty, staff, and designated guests who qualify for a USA ID card must purchase a faculty/staff parking permit regardless of what month they begin employment. Faculty/Staff parking permits are valid November 1st through October 31st. All individuals with a JagMail email account, including those who qualify for a JagMail account, must order a parking permit online. Select Manage My Parking Account to access your parking account and follow the instructions for ordering a parking permit. 

Parking regulations also apply to all employees with offices located in Technology and Research Park and University Commons. The parking permit decal must be displayed on the driver's side lower window with the permit number facing outward. The permit number must be clearly visible. Displaying it in any other location is considered a violation.

Employees from other University facilities must obtain a temporary parking pass from University Parking Services located at the University Police Department. The decal must be displayed to park in spaces designated for faculty and staff.

▼  USA Health

Employee parking lots are designated by signage and/or painted parking lanes. Please refer to the employee parking areas identified on the parking maps for University Hospital, Children’s and Women’s Hospital, and adjacent ambulatory facilities. 

Parking zones will be monitored by security personnel and law enforcement officers. There is no fee for parking permits and no financial penalty for violations. However, a violation will be considered an employee infraction. A combination of multiple infractions, including parking violations, will lead to administrative review and disciplinary action.

For more details about employee parking at USA Health facilities, please refer to the USA Health Parking Policy.