Future Medical Students

The M.D. Program at the University of South Alabama awards the Doctor of Medicine Degree, adhering to the message captured by the mission statement of the College of Medicine:

“As a diverse community focused on the science and practice of medicine for Alabama, the Central Gulf Coast, and beyond: We educate, We discover, We serve."

Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our Class of 2027, who hold degrees in 26 different fields of study from 23 different  colleges.  They represent 37 hometowns in 22 Alabama counties and 4 other states.  The class is made up of 33 males and 45 females, 15% of whom are from rural counties within Alabama.

The educational design of the M.D. program is a competency-based curriculum across all four years, with the first two years of medical school comprising an integrated organ systems-based approach. The first two years are largely taught on the main campus of the University in the Medical Sciences Building, the adjacent Active Learning Center, and the newly opened Health Simulation Building. Learn more about the curriculum and Active Learning Center and the Health Simulation Building.

The last two years of medical school are held in the University of South Alabama Hospitals and Care Centers, as well as in offices of community physicians, and expand the students’ education in the surrounds of full-time patient care. Learn more about the University, the College of Medicine, and the Hospitals. The USA College of Medicine also recently launched a new educational track, the Primary Care Pathway. This program enrolls up to 10 medical students per class and provides formalized training in primary care medicine at the community level. Learn more about the Primary Care Pathway program.

Medical students volunteering at the free clinic and participating in "Buddy Ball."In addition, all students are given the opportunity to participate in various student initiatives including the Preventive Medicine Team, many discipline-oriented interest groups, and the USA Student-Run Free Clinic. Community service, a required component of undergraduate medical education, offers medical students opportunities to volunteer in Mobile and the surrounding area. Not only is community service a great break from the rigors of medical school, it also allows students to learn more about the populations they serve. Learn more about USA's commitment to community service and the programs in which our students participate.

During medical school, students have the opportunity to take part in research projects in both basic and clinical science arenas. In addition, students may participate in overseas clinical electives. Learn more about research opportunities and overseas clinical experiences.

Success in the classroom and on licensing examinations as well as demonstrated leadership in the clinical setting lead to success in the National Residency Matching Program. Learn more about our students' success at Match Day results.

Out of State Students

Although our primary obligation is to residents of the State of Alabama, with more than 90% of our current students from the state, we do consider competitive applicants who have strong ties to Alabama with the following minimum credentials:

  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited four-year college
  • Overall GPA of 3.8 or higher
  • MCAT score at or above the 70th percentile

View the University of South Alabama Residency requirements.

International Students

International applicants must have Permanent Resident status in the United States to be considered for admission. All applicants must have completed at least ninety (90) semester hours and all prerequisites at a U.S. regionally accredited institution.

Advanced Standing Transfers

Opportunities to transfer to our school are limited to the third year on a space-available basis. Transfer spaces are rarely available due to a very low attrition rate.

All transfer applicants should be currently enrolled in good standing at an LCME-accredited medical school and must have a compelling reason to transfer. Students who are attending non-LCME accredited medical schools, offshore medical schools or osteopathic schools will not be considered.

Students who believe they meet these requirements should submit a request for consideration, including school presently attending and reason for requesting transfer, to arodgers@southalabama.edu.

Office of Admissions

Natalie Bauer, Ph.D., Assistant Dean for Admissions

Deborah Fetherland, Director of Admissions

Alani Rodgers, Assistant Director

Brittany Seals, Assistant to the Director

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