Research Cores

tub gfp bioimaging core picture

BioImaging Core Research Facilities  
Provides researchers with state-of-the-art imaging via commercial and custom microscope systems and technologies, including automated confocal, spectral, and super-resolution microscopes equipped with stage-top incubators for live video-microscopy. Dedicated staff provide training, data analysis, and protocol development.

Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory woman working
Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratories  

The USA COM Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratory offers services at two locations, the MSB building and the Mitchell Cancer Institute. Researchers have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, training, and expert assistance with experimental design in our facilities.

Mass Spectrometry Research Facility

Mass Spectrometry Core Facility  
Offers a wide range of services from routine accurate mass measurements for small molecule identification and compound characterization, to targeted and untargeted metabolomics and flux analyses, to proteomics, and expertise in experimental design and method development.

USA Health Biobank and Histology Core Facility Representation Picture

USA Health Biobank and Histology Core Facility  
Offers biobanking services (collecting, processing, and storing biospecimens), data repository, molecular analysis, and complete histology services including embedding, H&E, special stains and immuno-histochemistry as well as research and pathology services.