Postdoctoral Affairs

Postdoctoral research fellow Phoibe Renema, Ph.D., takes digital images of cellular cultures as part of an experiment.

Postdoctoral Affairs in the College of Medicine is overseen by the Office of Research Education and Training (ORET). ORET thrives to provide support in all areas of postdoctoral affairs in the College of Medicine by:

  • offering administrative support to faculty and departments when hiring a new postdoctoral fellow;
  • coordinating the onboarding process to make the transition smoother both for fellows and departments;  
  • supplementing the laboratory training with career and professional development opportunities;
  • and supporting postdoctoral fellows to improve their experience by fostering a sense of community.


▼   Resources for Fellows

Resources for Fellows

If you have any questions about postdoctoral affairs in the Whiddon College of Medicine or any of its facilities, please contact Dr. Robert Barrington.