Scholarships and Awards

The Whiddon College of Medicine is pleased to grant a number of scholarships and awards based on academic performance and financial need. Other foundation-based scholarships are available by independent application based on selective criteria including community residence and a commitment to primary care practice in underserved communities. More information regarding these opportunities is available through the College of Medicine Office of Admissions.

Freshman Scholarships

All incoming freshman medical students are considered for the following scholarships:

  1. College of Medicine Dean's Scholarships
  2. Crampton Trust Scholarships
  3. Medical Alumni Association Scholarships
  4. The Clyde "Sid" Huggins Endowed Scholarship
  5. The Class of 1976 Medical Alumni Scholarship
  6. The Class of 1981 Medical Alumni Scholarship
  7. The Class of 1983 Medical Alumni Scholarship
  8. The Class of 1984 Medical Alumni Scholarship
  9. Barbara Corcoran Endowed Scholarship
  10. Samuel J. Strada Endowed Scholarship
  11. Mobile County Foundation for Excellence in Public Higher Education Scholarship

College of Medicine Dean's and Crampton Trust Scholarships may be renewable for each of the four years of medical school. Other renewable scholarships are limited to students who are from specific counties in Alabama (e.g. Turner Trust Scholarship). 

W. Hudson and Sarah E. Turner Trust Medical Scholarships

Students from Houston, Dale, Henry and Geneva counties are eligible for the W. Hudson and Sarah E. Turner Trust Medical Scholarships. 

Additional Scholarships, Awards and Honors

A number of additional scholarships are available for students who already are enrolled in the medical school at the University of South Alabama. The College of Medicine is deeply appreciative of the generous support of the individuals, organizations and foundations that provide funding for all of these scholarships.


  • Alpha Omega Alpha Scholarship Fund 
    Baliga, Ritha Memorial Medical Scholarship
    Baugh, Charles M. Award
    Black Physicians Scholarship
    Box, Claudette Scholarship
    Cave, L. W. Family Endowed Scholarship
    Chandler, Ralph B. Scholarship
    Cope, William Frank, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    Desak, John A. Award
    Donald, John B. Memorial Award in Surgery
    Eichold, Charlotte H. and Samuel Scholarship
    Fonde, Edgar C. Scholarship
    Franks, Drs. Ron and Vicky Endowed Scholarship
    Gardner, William A. Pathology Award
    Goldstein, Mr. and Mrs. Mendel P. Memorial Award
    Grinaker, Christian L. Memorial Scholarship
    Gurich, Dr. Richard W. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
    Lange Book Scholarship
    Ledet, Donna B. Memorial Scholarship
    Marsh, Stephanie A. Medical Scholarship
  • McDonald, Mark Memorial Scholarship
    McKnight, W. S. Scholarship
  • Medical Society of Mobile
    Merck Award
    Meyer/Anderson Orthopedic Excellence Award
    Mullins, H.C. Award in Family Practice  
    Pulliam, James Scholarship
    Robinson-Young, Regan Memorial Scholarship
    Russell, Robert E. Memorial Scholarship
    Semple Family Endowed Scholarship
    Sockwell, Lester Memorial Scholarship
    Student National Medical Association
    Sullivan, Daniel F. Scholarship
    Taylor-Davis Scholarship in Physiology
    Teplick, MD, Steven Karl Memorial Award
    Thornton Endowment for the College of Medicine
    Tow, Leonard Humanism in Medicine Award
    Urschel, Charles W. Scholarship 
    USA Medical Faculty Guild Mendenhall Award
    Waterman, T. H. Scholarship
    Webb, Drs. William T. and Francis A. Memorial Scholarship
    Wiseman, Hollis J. Award for Excellence in Pediatrics 
    Wool, MD, Thomas J. Endowed Scholarship 
    Wright, Ralph Denny Memorial Award 
In addition to scholarships and various awards, eligible students are elected for four significant honors: Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society (Alabama Beta Chapter), the Gold Honor Society for Humanism in Medicine, the National Pathology Honor Society, and Research Honors. These honors are based on academic and non-academic criteria which include professionalism, leadership attributes, community and school service, and extensive research in a selected science.