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USA GME Policies, Procedures, Forms and Templates

USA GME policies, procedures, forms and templates, and GME Office forms have been placed in the "Resources" section of New Innovations. If the form or template that you need is not in the Resources section of NI, please contact the GME Office to have the document uploaded.


▼   Graduate Medical Education Committee


The USA GMEC exists to oversee all aspects of graduate medical education at the University of South Alabama, and is responsible for establishing and implementing policies and procedures that support the quality of education and the work environment for the residents in all GME Programs. The policies and procedures must include the following:

  1. Make annual recommendations to the Vice-President for USA Health System on resident stipends, benefits and funding for resident positions.
  2. Develop and implement written policies and procedures regarding resident duty hours to ensure compliance with all ACGME requirements.
  3. Ensure communication mechanisms exist between the GMEC and all program directors, and ensure program directors maintain effective communication with site directors.
  4. Maintain oversight of activities occurring in participating institutions.
  5. Monitor progress by GME programs in addressing concerns.
  6. Monitor and assure adequate and timely supervision of residents.
  7. Assure that all GME programs provide a curriculum and an evaluation system that enables residents to demonstrate achievement of the ACGME general competencies and milestones.
  8. Establish policies for resident eligibility, selection, promotion, evaluation, discipline and/or dismissal.
  9. Review GME program accreditation letters and monitor action plans for correction of citations and areas of noncompliance.
  10. Review and provide oversight for all GME Program changes prior to submission to the ACGME by program directors, as indicated in the ACGME’s Institutional Requirements.


At the University of South Alabama membership on the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) includes representation from each GME program, peer-selected residents and each major hospital training sites. Appointments are made by the dean of the USA College of Medicine and chair of the GMEC.