Testing Lab Procedures

Lab with computers

The Psychology Testing Lab is open


Instructor-approved proctored exams may be taken at the Psychology Testing Lab. Hours are by appointment only. Please email Cindy Von Ahlefeldt to set up a time to take your exam.


The lab is located in UCOM 1220.




The lab is available for any faculty member (e.g., full-time, adjunct, graduate assistant) to schedule tests (based on availability). Please complete the form below if you need a test administered. 



  • To schedule your exam, please email Cindy Von Ahlefeldt
  • In your email, please provide the course number and section, course name, instructor name, and test number (e.g., "Exam 1").
  • Arrive at the testing lab at your agreed-upon time.
  • Address: UCOM 1220, University of South Alabama, 75 South University Blvd., Mobile, AL 36688-0002

(The room number is 1220 and is located in Building 1000, the Psychology Building of University Commons).

  • Check in with the testing lab instructor. Be ready to show some form of picture identification (Student ID or Driver’s License are optimal).
  • Leave your phone/electronics with the testing lab instructor while you take your test.

  • When you are finished, give your test and answer sheet to the testing lab instructor and retrieve your electronics.