Retired Faculty

Larry Christensen

Dr. Larry Christensen (Emeritus)

Area of Interest: Identification of the variables contributing to food cravings: The role of mood in food selection; The contribution of consumption of selected foods to the psychological state of depression.
Experimental Psychology

Former Department Chair

Elise Labbe

Dr. Elise Labbe-Coldsmith (Emeritus)

Research Interests: Clinical Psychology, Pediatric Psychology, Health & Sports Psychology, Psychology of Spirituality and Religion

Former Department Chair

Former SEPA President


Picture of Dr Charles Brown

Dr. Charles Brown (deceased)

Research Interests: Perception, Comparative Psychology, Communication

Jerrold Downey

Dr. Jerrold Downey (deceased)

Area of Interest: Personality
Social Psychology

William Vitulli Dr. William F. Vitulli (Emeritus)
Dr. Vitulli served as a faculty member in the department of Psychology from 1965 until his retirement in May 2001.
cay welsh

Cay Welsh

Member of the USA Corporate Cup Running Team

Dr. Welsh makes presentations in the community about healthy life styles.

Jerry Williams

Dr. Jerry Williams (Retired)

Area of Interest: Learning and Memory
Sports Psychology
Teaching of Psychology

Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson, Ph.D.

Area of Interest:     Teaching of Psychology
My primary area of interest is in effective teaching in psychology. I am especially interested in the teaching of general psychology using active learning techniques and web technology. I teach courses in general psychology and physiological psychology (undergraduate and graduate).

Joan Sinnott

Joan M. Sinnott, Ph.D.

Research Interests: Animal perception and recognition of human speech.

Other Retirees:

Blaine C. Crum
Ernest E. Roberts