Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs that prepare students for jobs in many professional settings. Undergraduate students at the University of South Alabama can choose to major or minor in psychology. Students can also apply to the accelerated bachelor's to master's in psychology degree program, which allows students to earn a bachelor's and master's degree in five years. The department's graduate program offers a Master of Science in Psychology and Ph.D. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. 

Through classes, as well as research opportunities and internships, students build skills to pursue careers in community agencies, health organizations, schools, and industry, as well as in traditional academic settings. The department also houses the USA Psychological Clinic, which serves as a training facility for graduate students enrolled in the Clinical and Counseling Ph.D. program. Students receive supervised experience while providing psychological services to the citizens of the Mobile area.

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Accelerated Bachelor's to Master's in Psychology Degree Program

▼   Department of Psychology Statement of Core Values

We are actively working to make the Department and Campus a safer, better-educated, and more welcoming place for all people.

Diversity and Inclusion:  We recognize and value the contributions made by under-represented populations and desire to make the University an attractive and inclusive place for people of all races, sexes, religions, colors, national origins, sexual orientations, disability status, or military veteran status to study and work in a supportive, diverse community. The Department strives to create a safe space. We recognize that students are entitled to a learning environment free from discrimination and safe from harassment, and affirm that discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated in the Department, its courses, programs, and activities, as per University Policy (Page 6). This extends to the creation of an environment in which people in a legally-protected status are made to feel unsafe. For example, displaying symbols associated with known hate groups (other than in the context of educational discussions), verbal use of hurtful or degrading stereotypes, and/or engaging in other threatening or harassing behaviors may result in disciplinary action by the University. 

Individuals who witness such behaviors may contact the Department Chair at 251-460-6883 or the Associate Dean of Students at 251-460-6453.

Cultural Awareness, Understanding, Mutual Respect and Appreciation: We value and teach awareness of multiple cultural perspectives.

Community Outreach and Collaboration: We partner with, work with, and understand our local and regional community to enhance the quality of research, teaching, and service, and to better serve community needs.

▼   USA Psychology Clinic
The USA Psychology Clinic is open for business and taking extra precautions to protect the health of our staff and those that visit. We are taking a proactive approach in the USA Psychology Clinic and would like to share a few key pieces of information with you. Click here to visit the USA Psychology Clinic website for news and key information.