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A bird's eye view of Mobile from Harper's Weekly, February 2, 1884

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University of South Alabama Archives, ed. and comp. Index to Divorce Cases of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court, 1816-1918. Mobile, Ala., 1994. 125 pp. Cloth.


This index provides the names of complainants and respondents involved in 4,773 divorce proceedings in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama between 1816 and 1918. Most of the cases heard in this circuit are from Mobile County, although some are from Baldwin and Washington counties. An introduction describes the information contained in the records and provides definitions for understanding frequently used legal terms. The actual cases are also available to researchers.

King, Clinton P. and Meriem A. Barlow, comp. and eds. Naturalization Records, Mobile, Alabama, 1833-1906. Baltimore, Maryland, 1986. 138 pp. Cloth.


This research tool lists some 7,000 persons who arrived from the British Isles and Europe from the time of the earliest extant naturalization records for Mobile (1833) until the time of the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1906. All essential data from the naturalization papers are included: name of the petitioner, country or place of origin, age, length of residence (usually in the U.S.) prior to the petition, date, with full documentation as to the location of the court record where the naturalization was located. All state, county, local, and federal records were employed for this reference book, including sources at the National Archives.

King, Clinton P. and Meriem A. Barlow, comp. and eds. Marriages of Mobile County, Alabama, 1856-1875. Mobile, Alabama, 1986. 224 pp. Cloth.


This publication is a compilation of the names of approximately 12,000 persons taken from the Marriage Records, Volumes 14-26, of the Probate Court of Mobile County, Alabama, covering the years 1856-1875. It is arranged alphabetically under the name of the bride and groom, with date of license / marriage and volume number and page where recorded. A brief forward explains information contained in the records and instructions for ordering copies of the complete record.

King, Clinton P. and Meriem A. Barlow, comp. and eds. Abstracts of Orphans Court Minutes, Mobile County, Alabama, 1813-1837. Mobile, Alabama, 1987. 229 pp. Cloth.


The original source volume, Minute Book 1 of the Orphan's Court (now the Probate Court), contains 592 pages, but the compilers have made use of abbreviations and omitted excessive verbiage to conserve space. The original pagination has been indicated so that researchers may order copies of original entries from the Probate Court. Full names as found in records are retained in these abstracts. There is an index to all surnames including the name of the Testator or Intestate.