Commercial Use Fees

The Grand Leader Spiritual Singers, circa 1950. Erik Overbey Collection.

The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library has a fee schedule for the use of its images for commercial purposes. Fees for use are subject to change without notice. Reproductions of our images are provided for one-time use only. Any subsequent reproduction of the print supplied, regardless of purpose, including the production of subsequent editions or printings of a work, constitutes re-use and requires renegotiation and payment of an additional use fee to be determined by The McCall Library. All reproductions made for commercial use will be made by us at our current prices.

Please note: Any formal agreements entered into with commercial users (including but not limited to television producers or directors and book publishers) must be sent to us with adequate time to be routed first through our university attorney's office.  

The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library reserves the right to decline to provide copies of photographs if in its judgment the proposed copies would be a violation of copyright law, or would offend, invade the privacy of, or raise objections of persons pictured in the photographs, their relatives, the community, the photographer, or the donor of the photographs. Payment of fees is due in advance and applies to for-profit corporations, partnerships, private businesses, and individuals when images are to be used commercially. This includes, but is not limited to, the display of photographs in public areas of commercial buildings, restaurants, galleries, and retail spaces.

Use fees are not charged to local news media, University of South Alabama departments, government agencies, academic presses, or to non-profit entities (proof of non-profit status, certified by the IRS, is required). We reserve the right, however, to charge such fees if the purpose to which an image will be put is deemed by us to be commercial in nature. A written description of the use must be provided in advance using our Commercial Use Request Form.

If published, all photographs reproduced must be credited to The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library on the page where they are published in easily readable typeface according to the credit line specified by The McCall Library. Separate permission must be sought and gained if the credit line will not appear on the same page as the published photograph.

If displayed, The Doy Leale McCall Rare Book and Manuscript Library normally prefers that each image be individually credited with both the name of the collection from which the image came and The Library's general credit line. At the very minimum, however, The McCall Library requires that the general credit line be used for each image. Arrangements may be made whereby a single credit is posted in a conspicuous location.