Theme Ideas

▼   Around the World

Around the World

Great for: Celebrating diversity!


For this event concept, consider these elements:

 White linens using flags from different countries as part of the program or menu cards

 Programs with a description of each country represented


For this event concept, consider these food options. The great news is that there are so many countries that your options are endless:

 Ethiopian – shiro, atkilt wot, beet salad, sambusa

 Indian – samosas, spiced rice, masala and naan bread

 Middle Eastern – hummus, Iranian rice cookies, baklava

 Japanese – sushi, grilled calamari, tempura

Sell the theme:

Provide a forum for diverse musical/theatrical performances

▼   Red Reveal

Red Reveal

Great for: Acknowledging your support against heart disease or a Valentine-themed event.


For this event you will want to use all red elements including:

 Red linens

 Red plates

 Red centerpieces

 Red programs


Sticking with your red theme, here are some food options:

 Nonalcoholic red-based sangria with raspberries, strawberries

 Red velvet cupcake cake

 Bruschetta heavy with red tomatoes

 Miniature cheesecake with heavy strawberries presented in a shooter glass

 Strawberry sorbet

Sell the Theme:

Have all staff (including wait staff) wear their favorite red items

▼   Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Great for – Bring winter to the South anytime of the year!


For this event you will want to consider these elements 

 All white décor with either a gold or ice blue as your complimentary color

 Using snowflakes cutouts around the room


Sticking with wonderland theme, here are some food options:

 Snowmen sugar cookies

 Gingerbread house

 Sparkling cider

 S’more shooters

 Cupcakes with snowflake decals

 Snow covered pretzels

Sell the Theme:

Play holiday themed music in the background

▼    Tapas & Conversation

Tapas and Conversation

Great for – A reception that you want to be more about the dialogue and less about the food.


For this event you will want to consider these elements:

 Using smaller/miniature butler-served items only

 Selecting a modern/color blocking palette such as royal blue and gold


Sticking with the tapas theme, here are some great/low cost options:

 Strawberries with a balsamic drizzle and mint leaf

 Miniature salsa shooter with shrimp

 Miniature wild mushroom tarts (traditionally filled with brie)

 Miniature paella shooters – vegetarian or meat-based

Sell the Theme:

As this reception is about the conversation, provide your guests with a scavenger hunt to encourage networking. Alternatively, create environments throughout your event space that are issue-driven so people will naturally gravitate to their area of interest and meet new people.

▼    Farm Table

Farm Table

Great for – When you want an alternative to heavy and often unhealthy menus.


For this event you will want to consider these elements:

 Using 6ft tables set up in long rows for guests to approximate farm-style seating

 Place drinks, bread, and other items that can be shared throughout the long tables


Sticking with the farm theme, here are some great options:

 Make your own salad bar with all locally-sourced items

 Meat and vegetarian skewers

 Miniature mac and cheese

 Vegan, gluten-free cupcakes

 Fresh fruit smoothie shooters

Sell the Theme:

Provide guests with information about farm fresh items as they depart to support our local vendors.