Travel & Expense

What is Concur?

Concur is a software-management system designed to automate the travel and expense process. The University of South Alabama has made this very important investment in an effort to better manage travel and expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions About Concur:

▼   Is Concur only for travel reimbursements?

No. The Concur product will be used by employees as a method for completing travel reimbursements as well as for the reconciliation of procurement card transactions.

▼   What is the procurement card?
The procurement card, or PCard, is a Visa card issued by PNC Bank for use by University employees. Employees may be issued a PCard for out-of-state travel needs; departments may be issued a PCard for purchasing low-priced office supplies, paying for conference registration fees, etc.
▼   Will every traveler be issued a PCard?
No. The PCard will be issued only to frequent out-of-state travelers.
▼   How can my department obtain a PCard?
Applications will soon be available and will require Dean and/or Vice President approval. 
▼   When can my department expect to gain access to Concur?
Training for the Concur product has been ongoing. Previewers and delegates in your area may have already been trained. We hope to communicate with your department soon to begin rolling out this new system.
▼   How can I stay informed of Concur updates?
More information about Concur, University travel rules and regulations, and our office can be found at: