Marx Library Auditorium Policies

Marx Library


The Marx Library Auditorium and classrooms are scheduled foremost as library instruction facilities. The auditorium is designed for large classes (124 seating capacity and four wheelchairs), as well as to meet other needs that exceed the space in other Library classrooms. It is also available for other co-sponsored University purposes as time is available. However, for small classes or events, the requester will normally be referred to the appropriate classroom.

Reservations or requests for using exterior space are referred to the Director of the Student Center. (See Lowdown “Use of University Space, Facilities, and Grounds.”) Also, expressive activities within 100 feet of the Marx Library are off limits.

The Marx Library includes:

  • An Auditorium seating 124 and four wheelchairs
  • Gallery 181 (Room 181) seating 50 (with tables) and up to 60 theatre-style
  • Room 171 seating 25 with tables
  • Room 123 seating 10 (Reserved for current USA faculty and students only

Areas available by Special Request:

  • Art Gallery seating 50
  • Room 115 (M1) & (M2)  
    • Agati stations seating 14 each with 64in monitors (Reserved for current USA faculty and students only)
  • Room 306  
    • seating 30 with 28 pc workstations
  • Room 306A
    • “Skype Room” seating (4) with Skype only conference software available.

Reservations for use of Marx Library’s Auditorium, Gallery 181 (Room 181), Room 171 and Room 123 are requested through the University of South Alabama’s Events Management System (EMS)

The Marx Library Auditorium and meeting rooms are not authorized for regularly scheduled classes. Approval for use is prioritized as:

  • Events booked through the University of South Alabama’s Event Reservation System (EMS)
  • Library instruction classes
  • University & Campus Student Organization events
  • University classes requiring the use of media resources
  • University academic events
  • Non-Library events
  • Non-University events


Cancellations by an Organization: Refer to Event Management System Website

Cancellations by the Library: If it is necessary to give priority to (or cancel) one event in favor of another, the organization holding the reservation will be notified as soon as possible. 

Use of Equipment:

Use of equipment must be requested on the reservation form.

More information on the Equipment can be found here on the Marx Library Website