Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles


At OSE, we approach our work with these guiding principles:

 We are proud South brand ambassadors

OSE believes that well-executed events are a powerful and unique extension of the USA brand. We know that events can inspire, uplift morale, incite joy, generate donor support, and more! OSE is committed to emphasizing opportunities within the event planning process to highlight our brand.

 We design seamless events

Our events involve a pre-event consultation, budget development, planning meetings, event tie down meeting, and an opportunity for assessment.

 We are optimists

While developing OSE, we heard that sometimes campus departments/divisions let go of a great event idea due to lack of event planning/logistics resources. While we may not always be able to directly service your event, we believe that with proper planning, shared accountability, clear desired outcomes, and optimism any event can become reality. When an event seems daunting, count on OSE to offer a plan that can help you create the event of your dreams.

 We are good stewards of USA’s financial resources 

OSE professionals are always thinking strategically about how your event can be successful, while also saving money or remaining cost neutral. We have direct experience managing great events that do not come with a high price tag.

 We are innovators 

We have deep respect and fondness for USA’s time-honored event traditions. We reflect on these traditions with a fervor for growth and improvement. OSE’s approach is to encourage USA to evaluate an events relevancy and think creatively about what improvements to implement.