Award Announcements

Here you will find information on USA Office of Research and Economic Development internal funding awardees. This is a great way to research what has been funded under these programs if you are thinking about applying.

We also showcase faculty who have received significant external awards, fellowships, or grants. The department of Research Development provides support for these types of applications.

Research & Scholarly Development

Alison Robertson and Robert Sobol received a 2016 RSDG award for their work on ciguatera toxins. In the photo, Jessica Gwinn, a Ph.D. student at South, samples herbivorous fish and algae on a rig south of Dauphin Island in July 2018. Gwinn's work was part of an international research project on ciguatera led by the University of South Alabama.

The Research & Scholarly Development Grant program provides funding of up to $25,000 to help tenure and non-tenure track faculty build their research and scholarly programs.

Arts & Humanities Seed Grant Program

Kip Franklin received a 2017 SGSAH award to fund production of his first CD. Photo is the cover of Kip Franklin: Crossroads: Twenty-First Century Music for Clarinet

The Seed Grant to Support the Arts & Humanities provides funding of up to $1500 to help support Arts and Humanities faculty in their scholarly, creative, and research activities.

Social Justice Research Initiative

Awardees L-R: Joél Billingsley, Charlene Dadzie, Kern Jackson, Shenghua Zha

The Social Justice Research Initiative provides $10,000 awards to support faculty research efforts on social justice in the following areas: social stratification, environmental justice, and racial equity.

Faculty Development Council Grants

Shenghua Wu received a 2018 FDCG award for his work on innovative asphalt mixtures. In the photo, Omar Tahri, left, a civil engineering junior from Morocco, works side by side with Assistant Professor Dr. Shenghua Wu in the asphalt lab.

The Faculty Development Council Grant program provides funding of up to $5000 to help initiate and strengthen research programs and increase competitiveness for extramural grants for the faculty PI. 

Faculty Development Council Fellows

 Stephanie Smallegan recieved a 2019 FDCF award to submit an NSF CAREER proposal for her work on barrier islands and hurricanes. Photo is a speed limit sign is partially obscured by sand on Dauphin Island's Bienville Boulevard after Hurricane Nate.

The Faculty Development Council Fellows program provides junior faculty with a structured, incentivized framework for developing a significant proposal for external funding or prestigious fellowships.

Faculty Productivity Grant Program

The Faculty Productivity Grant program provides concentrated time for faculty to generate pilot or preliminary data that will enhance their competitiveness for a major grant or contract. One course buyout is covered by the award in the amount of the funds required for an instructor to teach the faculty member's class.