USA Vehicle Rental - FAQ

USA Vehicle Rental Frequently Asked Questions




Mr. Mark Hermecz
Area Rental Manager
Phone: (205) 542-1228


The University of South Alabama (USA) has selected Enterprise Rent-A-Car/National Car Rental as our exclusive vehicle rental partner via the E&I Cooperative Services Organization. Our E&I Cooperative Services contract number is 01253.

Please contact Robert Brown at if you have any additional questions or require additional assistance.

▼   Q: Who is an eligible renter under the USA contract with Enterprise/National?

A: The rates and discounts in this agreement apply to USA's faculty and staff on university business. Enterprise/National has agreed to extend the same rates and discounts for personal travel as well (see USA Purchasing web site (see USA Purchasing web site here for details regarding discounts for personal travel) for details regarding discounts for personal travel)

Important: USA faculty and staff must enroll in The Enterprise/National Emerald Club program in order to utilize the contract.

▼   Q: Is there a minimum age requirement?

A: Yes, renters must be 21 or older.

▼   Q: Will I need to show identification at the time of rental?

A: Yes, you will need to show a valid driver's license.

▼   Q: What if I am already a member of a frequent renter program with a different car rental supplier?

A: Enterprise/National will automatically match that benefit level when you enroll in their program. Please contact Robert Brown, USA Purchasing Director at for additional assistance regarding your current agency’s level of "benefits" and how they transition to the Enterprise/National contract.

▼   Q: What are the benefits of joining National's Emerald Club membership program?

• Bypass the counter while using National and choose your own car in 57 major airport markets
• Receive e-receipts to speed up rental returns
• Choice of rewards: free rental days or airline miles
• Self-service kiosk check-in available in major U.S. markets

▼   Q: Will I receive USA's contract pricing when making reservations online?

National and Enterprise offers online booking through the USA Purchasing web site here.. By providing your Emerald Club Loyalty Program ID during your online reservation, you will receive special contractual pricing and all reservations are transferred instantaneously into the Enterprise/National online system and may be viewed by their rental locations immediately. In addition to renting a vehicle, users can review a listing of the company’s entire line of services, learn out about special offers/ company news, and reserve your desired car for your business as well as any personal vacation trips.

▼   Q: Will Enterprise provide delivery service from their local store to the USA campus?
A: Yes, with a 24 hour notice a car can be delivered to your business location at no additional charge.
▼   Q: What if I am unavailable to sign for a vehicle when it is delivered to me?
A: You can complete Enterprise's Signature-on-File Agreement form. This form will substitute for the signature or initials of the employee intended as driver of the vehicle in each applicable part of the standard rental contract.  Your Emerald Club membership allows you to have a signature on file.  Please make all delivery reservations with your Emerald Club profile.  This will allow for a signature less experience.
▼   Q: Are vehicles full of fuel at the time of pick-up or delivery?
A: National Car Rental provides a full tank of gas with every rental. At Enterprise airport locations, each rental vehicle is provided with a full tank of gas, and at Enterprise off airport locations, each rental vehicle is provided with at least 1/2 tank of gas.
▼   Q: Is there unlimited mileage with each rental?
 A: Base Rental Rates for Compact through Premium vehicle classes include unlimited free miles per day and per week, and 2,500 free miles per month; all other vehicle classes include 200 free miles per day, 1,100 free miles per week, and 2,500 free miles per month, as applicable.  Any additional miles will be charged at the rate of $0.20 per mile.
▼   Q: Will I be able to pay for rentals using my Purchasing Card?
 A: Yes. The Purchasing Card can be used, however only when paying for rental vehicles with Enterprise/National. Also, associated gasoline purchases for the rental vehicles can be charged to the Purchasing Card.
▼   Q: How do I make reservations if I have Executive VIP status?
 A: If you have Executive VIP status, your reservation must be called into National.
▼   Q: Is there a recommendation regarding rental vehicle class?
 A: University travelers are expected to rent Compact or Midsize class vehicles unless sharing the rental with more than 2 other USA business travelers. Rental of sport utility vehicles, minivans, or other kind of specialty vehicles require justification and prior authorization from the USA Procurement Card and Travel Services Department. Rental of luxury vehicles is not permitted. USA travelers are highly encouraged to rent hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles when there is availability.
▼   Q: Are International vehicle rentals included in the contract?
 A: Yes, the contract offers preferred pricing for local, domestic, and international vehicle rentals.
▼   Q: Are we required to utilize the Preferred Vendor contract?

 A: Yes, all USA faculty and staff you are required to rent vehicles via the E&I Cooperative Enterprise/National Contract. In general, making purchases outside the contract is prohibited unless approved by the USA Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration.