Approved Joint Purchasing Agreement Vendor

Vehicle Rental


Enterprise and National Rental Car 


Contact the Purchasing Department to request a copy of the Enterprise/National "E&I Master Agreement" Terms & Conditions, if needed.
Important: Some vehicle rentals include daily mileage restrictions. Contact Purchasing for details regarding mileage allowances and contract details.  Please note that when executing a reservation for a one-way trip, renters should make every effort to rent through National in lieu of Enterprise.  Enterprise charges a per mile fee for one-way trips.  National does not charge this fee.
Personal Rental Discount: Employees reserving vehicles for personal use through National or Enterprise may use code "55R0475" at any time to receive a 5% discount for Enterprise rentals and 10% for rentals through National.

Note:  Prior to attempting to make a reservation, you must have a Corporate ID number and a departmental billing number. The USA Corporate ID number is XZ55150.  Each department will have a separate billing number. If you do not have a billing number, one can be obtained by contacting our account manager as follows:
General support
Mr. Jim Gardner
 Regional Sales Manager
Phone: (309) 261-4641
Billing Support
Mr. Parker Roberts
Phone: (334) 524-4893
Truck Rentals
Mr. Brian Whone
Branch Manager
Phone: (205) 239-2967

Note: For every two rentals, each traveler will earn one free rental day on their personal membership account. Each member is required to add individual credit card information to their profile for personal rentals.