Alabama State Bid Law

Alabama State Bid Law

Section 41-4-116 of the Code of Alabama, Public Contracts, states that "All contracts of whatever nature for labor, services, work, or for the purchase or lease of materials, equipment, supplies or other personal property, involving seventy-five thousand ($75,000.00) or more, made by or on behalf of any state department, board, bureau, commission, committee, institution, corporation, authority, or office shall, except as otherwise provided in this article, be let by free and open competitive bidding, on sealed bids, to the lowest responsible bidder." 

On items that must be bid, full specifications and names of vendors who can furnish the items should be provided to the Purchasing Department in electronic format. At least two weeks is usually allowed from the day requests for quotations are mailed until the day of opening bids.

The bid process is not limited to items over $75,000.00. Purchasing will solicit formal responses for any items, regardless of price, for which competitive bidding might lower the costs.

Items available from only one vendor/manufacturer may be approved as sole source after a review by the Purchasing Director. To facilitate this review, a detailed statement, written and signed by the user and attested to by the Department Head, must accompany the requisition.


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