A male trainer high fiving a female on an outdoor track

Personal Training

Why hire a certified personal trainer?  Individual instruction can give you motivation, teach proper workout form and techniques, relieve boredom, and add variety! Sessions are approximately 60 minutes. 


Number of sessions Single (one client and one trainer) Buddy sessions (two clients and one trainer) Session expiration from date of purchase
4 sessions $100


($70 per person)

30 days
6 sessions $141


($99 per person)

60 days
8 sessions $176


($123 per person)

60 days
10 sessions $205


($144 per person)

90 days

Registration Information

  1. Download the Personal Training Contract.  Complete all pages in their entirety, including the waiver (page 3) and health history form (pages 4/5.) Obtain a physician’s clearance if your health indicates (page 6.)
  2. Return contract and physician’s clearance (if needed) to the front desk of the Student Recreation Center or email it to sarahschrenk@southalabama.edu. Pay online using our Campus Recreation Portal. Payroll deduction cannot be used to pay for personal training sessions.
  3. You will be contacted by a trainer to set up appointments when we have your contract, physician’s clearance (if needed), and your payment. 
  4. Additional sessions can be purchased online; no need to fill out the contract again.

Our Trainers

All SouthFit personal trainers hold a national, accredited personal trainer certification and/or a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. All trainers are currently CPR/AED/First Aid certified. Clients are paired with a personal trainer based on availability.

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