Lamp Podcasts

The University of South Alabama’s Honors College promotes intellectual curiosity and the building of community. In Fall, 2020, incoming first year students Angela Russ and Grace Coppinger built on the momentum of our innovative virtual retreat to create a new honors venture, the Honors College’s Lamp Podcast. The Lamp carries out Honors College ideals by giving the student body stories and news from South’s campus and the surrounding Mobile area. The Lamp Podcast is student-led and focuses on research conducted on South’s campus, student life, and interesting aspects of Mobile. Whether it is a food review, analysis of research opportunities, or events for students in Mobile, the Lamp Podcast covers all information that South’s student body would want to know. This podcast is made by the Honors College, with Angela Russ as our lead interviewer, but is intended for all of South’s student body, staff, or Jaguar fans. Grace Coppinger created the unique artwork for our inaugural Halloween episode.