Epsilon outside view.


Honors first-time freshmen usually choose to live in the Honors Living Learning Community (LLC) in the Epsilon 1 residence hall. Epsilon 1 features a room for two, with a bathroom shared between roommates. Living in this community allows you to maximize your educational opportunities, your experience, and your engagement in the Honors Program. Honors upperclassmen (sophomores and up) have a similar opportunity to continue their engagement in the Honors LLC in Stokes Hall. Stokes Hall features suite-style living with private rooms and "Jack and Jill" style bathrooms shared between suitemates.

Briley Graves

Briley Graves
Chemical Engineering
Graduating in Spring, 2021

I lived in honors housing my freshman year, and this is definitely an experience that I would recommend to all incoming freshmen who are considering on-campus housing. In my case, I was the only student from my high school attending South, and it was my biggest fear coming into college that I would struggle to make friends and build a strong support group. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make deep connections with other honors students when you live among each other. My most fond memories from freshman year involve Epsilon 1 (honors housing) and all of the amazing connections that I made there. Not only did honors housing provide me with a roommate who was pretty much guaranteed to have the same value for education as myself, but it also allowed me to nourish the connections that I made at the Honors Retreat and set me up for success by providing me with a great emotional support network. If this says anything, other honors freshmen who chose to live elsewhere on campus spent more time in honors housing rather than their own dorms (because Honors is where the friends are!).