Visiting Senior Medical Students

Audition Electives

South Alabama M4 students have first priority in selecting elective rotations. Because of the timing of preparing the schedules of our own students, we will begin to take action on applications from extramural students for an upcoming year around the end of April. Ultimate approval to study at South Alabama rests with the Office of the Associate Dean for Medical Education & Student Affairs in consultation with the department in which a student requests to study.

The University of South Alabama College of Medicine is enrolled in the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO). All visiting student applications must be submitted through AAMC VSLO.  To apply to our institution, please complete and send an application for your preferred Audition Elective at

NOTE: Some of our departments have USMLE step 1 and COMLEX level 1 score minimum requirements to be able to apply for their audition elective/s. This information will be posted in VSLO under the department comments section.

Approved visiting medical students must not dilute the educational experience of our residents or current medical students, so approval is contingent upon availability of blocks and slots in our M4 courses. Course block dates and availability are limited.

Immunization Form [PDF]

Please be advised: The prospective visitor must make his or her own arrangements for housing and transportation. Public transportation in Mobile is very limited. An automobile is a necessity. The University of South Alabama has been added to the search site Rotating Room. is a sublet website created by medical students for medical students. Used by dozens of medical schools, hundreds of hospitals, and thousands of students around the country.

Evaluation/ Grade Forms: Visiting Students are responsible to bring their school's evaluation/grade form with them and give it to the course director/preceptor to complete BEFORE the last day of the rotation. USA College of Medicine Medical Education & Student Affairs office does not assume any responsibility for any evaluation/grade forms for visiting medical students. The University of South Alabama College of Medicine reserves the right to cancel the rotation/s for any visiting student giving them notice by email at least 30 days in advance.

Attendance/Time off: Visiting M4 medical students cannot miss the first day of the scheduled audition elective. USA COM schedules orientation training that is required on the first day.  Orientation cannot be rescheduled or taken at another time.
In order to travel during interview season or take USMLE Step 2 ck/cs - COMLEX level 2 the visiting student should follow the USA COM Attendance policy: “M4 medical students are allowed to miss a total of five (5) days off during a four (4) week elective rotation. The five (5) days off cannot be taken during an AI (Acting Internship) rotation. The five (5) days off cannot be taken all in a row causing the student to miss an entire week.” Visiting M4 medical students are required to email and cc: their home school advisor for any anticipated days they will miss during their scheduled Audition Elective block rotation. Based on the course the student is enrolled, the communication will be forwarded to the appropriate Course Director for follow-up.
Visiting M4 medical students need to adhere to the same M4 medical student polices required by the USA COM students.

NOTE: Visiting medical students from foreign & Caribbean medical schools are not accepted for audition electives; however, these students can apply for departmental interviews through ERAS.


For more information, please contact the Visiting Student Coordinator at