College of Medicine Academic Calendar 2022-23

Date Scheduled Event
June 13 M3 (Class of 2024) Orientation – June 13-16
June 16 White Coat Ceremony (M3 Class of 2024)
June 17 Juneteenth holiday
June 21 Fall Semester begins for M3’s and M4’s (Tuition Due)
July 4 Independence Day holiday
July 22 Research Day
July 25 Orientation Week for M1’s
August 1 Fall Semester begins for M1’s and M2’s (Tuition Due)
September 5 Labor Day holiday for M1’s, M2’s, and M3’s
November 1 PPD and Flu documentation due to Student Health
November 1 Step 2CK deadline for M4’s
November 23 Thanksgiving holidays for M1’s, M2’s, and M3’s. Time off for M4 is at the discretion of the individual attending.
November 28 Classes resume for M1’s, M2’s, and M3’s
December 2 Last day of Fall Semester for M3’s
December 14 OSCE 2 (M2’s) - Dec 14, 15, & 16
December 16 Last day of Fall Semester for M1’s and M2’s
December 30 Last day of Fall Semester for M4’s


Date Scheduled Event
January 3 Spring Semester begins for all classes (Tuition Due)
January 16 Martin Luther King holiday for M1’s, M2’s and M3’s
February 20 Spring Break for M1’s and M2’s
February 21 Mardi Gras holiday for M3’s
February 27 Classes resume for M1’s and M2’s
March 17 Match Day
April 17 OSCE 3 (M2’s) – All Week
April 21 Last Day of Spring Semester for M2’s and M4’s
April 30 Commencement Week (Official Date TBA)
May 15 Final OSCE Practice (M3’s) – May 15-17
May 22 OSCE 1 (M1’s) – May 22-24
May 26 Last day of Spring Semester for M1’s
May 29 Memorial Day holiday
May 30 Final OSCE (M3’s) – All Week
June 16 Last day of Spring Semester for M3