Apply For Graduation

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Graduation Requirements and Degree Audits

During advising for your last term, your College Advisor will provide you with a check sheet listing your remaining requirements. This will assist you in registering for the correct courses to complete your degree requirements. A degree audit is also available through PAWS.

NOTE: If you received transient approval during your graduating term, you need to request an official transcript be sent to the University of South Alabama, Registrar's Office, 390 Student Center Circle, Suite 1100, Meisler Hall, Mobile, AL 36688. Failure to send the transcript will adversely affect completion of your degree requirements.

If you make any changes to your program of study after applying for graduation, you will need to complete a Change of Program Form in your department. The department will then forward this change to the Registrar's Office and adjustments to your application will be made. You may receive a new check sheet from your college.

Follow these steps to complete your online application:

Curriculum Term Selection

This screen will prompt you to select a term. Please Note: This is NOT your graduation term, but instead the semester you want your curriculum pulled from. In most cases, select the most current term displayed.

Curriculum Selection

This screen displays your current program as officially recorded by the Office of the Registrar. The program you are applying for MUST match your record. Additionally, if your minor(s) and/or concentration(s) do NOT appear, STOP IMMEDIATELY. Please contact your College Advisor for assistance.

Select one curriculum for this graduation application.  Dual degree students must complete two applications. Double major students should complete only one application. The application must be for the primary major. Information for the secondary major will be manually added by the Registrar's Office upon receipt of the application.

Click the radio button next to the appropriate curriculum information, then click Continue.

Graduation Term Selection

Select your Graduation Date from the drop-down list. This is the term in which all degree requirements will be completed. If the term you expect to graduate is not listed in the drop-down menu, check the online application dates on the Graduation Application page. If you have missed the deadline to apply, you must contact your College Advisor.

Select the Graduation Date from the drop-down, then click Continue.

Graduation Ceremony Selection

Please indicate if you plan to attend the graduation ceremony.  Note: You must rent academic regalia from Graduate Supply House to have your name placed on the commencement attendance roster.

Diploma Name Selection

The name you choose to print on your diploma will be the name used on all official listings for graduation and commencement.  This name will be the name read at commencement and printed in the commencement program. If you signed a confidentiality request, your name will not appear in the commencement program. If you want to make ANY CHANGES to the way your name is displayed you MUST email by the application deadline. See USA Name Change policy (PDF).

Verify your Current Diploma Name, then click Continue.

Diploma Name Edit

 You may choose to display an initial in the first and/or middle name field. If applicable, include suffixes (Jr., Sr., II, III etc.) after your last name (ex. Smith, Jr. or Smith II). For special accents, email To request additional changes, please review the USA Name Change policy (PDF).

Diploma Mailing Address Selection

Select the address to which your diploma should be mailed. You can select one of the addresses on your student record, or select “New” to add an address for your diploma only. 

Select an address from the drop-down, then click Continue.

Diploma Mailing Address Edit

On this screen, you have the opportunity to edit the address you have selected, or enter a new address if you selected “New” on the previous screen. This change will not be applied to your permanent mailing address. Diploma Mailing Information can be found on the Graduating Students page.

Make any necessary edits to the diploma mailing address, then click Continue.

Graduation Application Payment

Select the $65.00 Graduation Application Fee listed on the drop down to continue. The fee for this application will be charged to your student account. All financial obligations to the University must be cleared prior to receiving your diploma.

Graduation Application Summary

Please review this page carefully. If you need to make any changes, return to the appropriate section and make corrections prior to submitting.   After submission, you cannot make any changes to your application.

Graduation Application Signature Page

Remember to print a copy for your records.