JagSPOT Frequently Asked Questions

▼   How do I access my JagSPOT account?
Users may access JagSPOT from our website by clicking the JagSPOT Login button located on the left side of the webpage. Users should enter their Jag Number and JagMail password to sign into their account.
▼   What device(s) can I access JagSPOT from?
JagSPOT can be accessed from any mobile device from any location.
▼   How do I review applications?
Opportunity Administrators, Reviewer Chairs and Reviewers have the ability to review student applications for the opportunities linked to their view. Click here to review your user manual to learn more.
▼   How do I select and award recipients?
Reviewer Chairs and Opportunity Administrators complete the selection and awarding process in JagSPOT. Check out the RC Selection Quick Start Guide and the OA Awarding Quick Start Guide to learn more.
▼   How will recipients be notified of their scholarship offer?
Once a student is awarded a scholarship in JagSPOT, an automated email is triggered to the student's JagMail account informing him/her there is a scholarship offer awaiting his/her review in JagSPOT.