Pathway Advising

Academic advising is a critical part of your educational experience and academic success.

Everyone's college pathway is a little bit different.  What is right and works well for one student is rarely right and works for every student.  Your pathway is your own.  Success at South starts with the courses you take before you transfer and those courses will be based, in large part, on the major you plan to pursue at South.  While most college courses will transfer to South, not every course will count toward every major.  Your college counselor and Pathway Transfer Advisor are the people who can help you determine and navigate your particular academic pathway. 

Advising is:

  • An ongoing continuous process every semester.
  • A shared responsibility and collaborative relationship between you and your advisor.
  • The process of understanding your associate degree requirements, bachelor's degree requirements and how those two fit together.
  • An opportunity to develop and enrich your educational plans in ways that are consistent with personal values, goals, and career plans.
  • A means to develop your academic decision making skills and independence in academic planning.

Advising is not:

  • A last-minute event.
  • Someone telling you what courses to take or what to do.
  • Replaceable with advice from friends.

As a Pathway USA participant, in addition to working with your college counselor, you must meet with your Pathway Transfer Advisor at least once per semester.  It is recommended to meet sometime in the early to middle part of the semester before registration for the following semester, then again later in the semester or early the following semester.  In addition to regularly scheduled in-person appointment opportunities on your college campus, Pathway USA Transfer Advisors are available on a regular basis on campus at South. We recommend you utilize our services beginning your freshman year. The longer you take to request our assistance, the further you may be from your academic goals.