Program Benefits

Pathway - Is this the right fit?

In four easy steps, you can be on your way to resources, connections, and a smooth transfer to USA! 

  • Step 1: Apply Online Today! Pathway USA is free to join.
  • Step 2: Set up an advising appointment. Pathway USA advisors visit each partner college campus every semester. We can meet on your campus, virtually, or on USA's campus.
  • Step 3: Get connected to resources and student organizations at USA. As a Pathway student, you can access tutoring services (virtually or in-person), the Writing Center, and even join student organization that meets your major or personal interests.
  • Step 4: Meet with a Pathway Advisor each semester to check-in and continue to assist you as you work towards your Associate degree.

How does it work?

▼   Academic Advising

With Pathway USA, you will not only have a College Counselor, you will have a University of South Alabama Advisor. Working together with you, your two advisors will help you craft a personalized plan to complete your Associate Degree, then go on to complete a Bachelor's Degree at South. They will assist you in selecting the correct sequence of classes at your two year college to ensure that you are minimizing loss of credits upon transfer and maximizing preparation for your chosen major at South. This ensures that you are always moving forward toward degree completion and not wasting time with unnecessary classes.

To schedule an appointment, call our office at 251-341-4017.

▼   Transfer Advising

In addition to supporting you in your course selection at college, your Pathway USA Transfer Advisor will:

  • Provide you with regular program updates and ongoing communication
  • Help you figure out your personal recipe for academic success
  • Help you find academic support resources on your college campus and at South
  • Monitor your progression toward degree completion
  • Prepare you for your transition to South
  • Support you through the transfer process
▼   Academic Support

As a Pathway USA participant, in addition to academic support resources on your college campus, you also have access to support at South. Contact the Pathway USA Coordinator for more information on using academic support resources.

  • Center for Academic Excellence - Tutoring in most subjects (virtual tutoring and in-person tutoring is available!) Call 251-460-6480 to schedule a tutoring session
  • USA Writing Center - Help on any type of writing task at any stage of the writing process
  • Marx Library - Help with research or just a quiet place to study
▼   Smooth Transition to South

While you are completing your Associate Degree, your Pathway USA Advisor can help you:

  • Visit and tour South's campus
  • Meet with academic departments
  • Sit in on a class in your major
  • Find resources at South to support your academic success
  • Connect with the campus community and learn more about the campus culture
  • Connect with Career Development for career/major explorations and conversations
  • Join a student organization and connect with your future peers
▼   Guaranteed Admission

With participation in Pathway USA, your admission to South is guaranteed provided you complete your Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.  The semester before you intend to enroll at USA, you must update or fill out a new USA application for admission.  

▼   Pathway USA ID Card

With your Pathway USA ID, you can:

  • Visit and use some resources at Marx LIbrary
  • Get tutoring and help from the Writing Center - Call 251-460-6480 to schedule a virtual or in-person tutoring session
  • Attend home Jaguar athletic events for free
  • Get special discounts at local restaurants (Check out the list here!)
  • Utilize USA Student Rec Center for $40.00 per semester - Fill out the interest form each semester