Remediation, Dismissal, Deceleration


Mandatory remediation will be required of any clinical or didactic student who meets the grounds for remediation. The student's progress will be subsequently monitored and future remediation will be arranged as needed. Successful completion of remediation is defined for the didactic and clinical student per policy.  Please see the Student Handbook for the entire policy for the didactic courses and the Clinical Manual for the clinical courses.


The policies for dismissal are explained in the Student Handbook and the Clinical Manual.


Decisions in relation to deceleration by the USA PA program have been made on a case-by-case basis by the program director and faculty based on the following: In exceptional circumstances such as the sudden onset of a serious medical condition, the program has granted a leave of absence from the program. Requests must be made in writing and must cite the specific circumstances that warrant a leave. All coursework offered during the leave of absence must be completed during the next semester offered upon the students return. Any student granted a leave of absence is issued a contract which outlines the terms of continued matriculation in the USA PA program that must be successfully completed in order to graduate. In the absence of extenuating circumstances, a student who is dismissed from the PA program is not eligible for a leave of absence from the program. The Medical Withdrawal policy is outlined in the Student Handbook.