TB Training Introduction

Web-based Training Program for TB 


This training program was developed by the CAHP Biosafety Officer (CBO) to provide you with the most current information about TB.  You need to become familiar with its contents to avoid accidental TB exposure while performing training in a healthcare setting. 

The program is intended for all CAHP students, staff and/or faculty who are classified as at-risk for occupational exposure to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of TB.  Successful completion of this training module will satisfy both initial and annual refresher training requirements.

Note: Additional site-specific training may be required at your clinical rotation site.


Read through the information provided in Topics 1-4.  You will be required to take a quiz after completing all topic areas.  A minimum 80% score is required to receive credit for this course.  Individuals not passing the quiz on the first attempt must review all training areas before retaking the quiz.  You are allowed a total of three attempts to pass this quiz. 


  • Exposure Risk 
    Basic requirements, where does it apply, who's at risk... etc.?
  • The TB "Bug" & Disease
    Uniqueness, transmission, prevalence,...etc.
  • Training Requirements
    Who needs to do it, when does it need to be done...etc.?
  • Prevention &Testing
    Al State requirements, positive-test actions, follow-up,... etc.


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