BBP Prevention

Exposure Determination

All new CAHP faculty/staff  and newly-admitted students are informed of potential occupational risk exposure to HBV and/or HIV.  Department chairpersons are the responsible party to ensure that an exposure determination is performed within first ten days of initial work assignment or training where exposure is reasonably anticipated.

This requirement is outlined in the college ECP - SECTION A: Determination of Employee Exposure                


There is no vaccination available for either HIV or hepatitis C virus.  However, there is a safe and effective vaccination for hepatitis B virus  (HBV).  All CAHP personnel are highly advised to take the 3-shot vaccination for HBV. 

  • Faculty/staff vaccination is a reimbursable expense.  
  • Student vaccination costs are borne by the individual student.  

Students who decline HBV vaccination may not be able to complete all degree requirements.  This will occur when an associated clinical affiliate requires student HBV vaccination as a prerequisite for on-site training. 

It's highly recommended that the combination hepatitis A and B vaccine (e.g., Twinrix) be taken.  This vaccine may not cost anymore than the HBV vaccine and offers individuals protection against both viruses.

You will now need to complete a quiz provided by your department biosafety training coordinator.