University Grant Administrators

University Grant Specialists

▼   Academic Grant Administrators
  • College of Allied Health Professions:  VACANT, Financial Operations Specialist

  • College of Arts and Sciences:  Bryant Smilie, Grant Administration Specialist I, Pre-award 
                                                    Maddy Anderson, Grant Administration Specialist I, Post-award


  • College of Education and Professional Studies:  Charlotte Rogers, Financial Operations Specialist

  • College of Engineering:  Debra Armistead, Financial Operations Specialist                                                                                                 Nicholas Sheppard, Research Administration Manager


  • College of Nursing: Sandra Mareska, Financial Operations Specialist II
                                   Lucinda Hines, Grant Administration Specialist II                                                                                                 Jacqueline Stacy, Grant Administration Specialist I


  • Mitchell College of Business:  Janet Ayers, Assistant to the Dean

  • School of Computing:  Nicholas Sheppard, Research Administration Manager
                                        VACANT, Financial Operations Specialist  
▼   Health Systems Grant Administration and Development Office

Ashley Turbeville, Executive Director

Julie Flowers, Assistant Director

Darriane DeVine, Research Portfolio Specialist I

Ashley Lawson, Research Portfolio Specialist I

Helen Moore, Research Administration Specialist I

Steven Bryan, Accountant II

Benjamin Cumberland, Accountant I

Verthelius Griffin, Analyst

▼   College of Medicine Grant Administrators




  • Physiology & Cell Biology:  Ashley Lawson, Research Portfolio Specialist I   
  • Surgery, Orthopaedics, & Neurosurgery:  Rebecca Scarbrough, Coordinator


  • Center for Healthy Communities: Darriane DeVine, Research Portfolio Specialist I 

  • Center for Lung Biology:  Jennifer Collins, Grant Administrations Specialist II

  • Center for Strategic Health Innovation: Darriane DeVine, Research Portfolio Specialist I

  • Sickle Cell Center:  VACANT
▼    Mitchell Cancer Institute

Stefanie White, Interim Director, Clinical Trials

Ashley Turbeville, Executive Director, Health Systems Grant Administration & Development

Julie Flowers, Assistant Director