Middle East Studies

Desert with city scene in the background.



Rich in history, clothed in mystery, the Middle East is a region at the center of many thorny issues in contemporary politics. The Middle East Studies concentration of the International Studies major equips University of South Alabama students with the linguistic skills in Arabic and the knowledge of geography, history and politics essential for understanding the complexity of this important region.

Students in all concentrations are encouraged to participate in study abroad programs. Students in the Middle East Studies concentration have recently participated in programs in Morocco and Egypt, where they found that personal contact with the people of the region helped to bring abstract academic questions into sharper focus.

A concentration in Middle East studies prepares students for careers in international business, with non-governmental organizations or with the State Department, the military, the CIA and other governmental agencies where linguistic and cultural knowledge of this key region are in demand.

Requirements for the Middle East Studies Concentration:

  • Four semesters of Arabic
  • History 365: Islamic Civilization from 1453
  • Political Science 365: Middle East Politics
  • Political Science 452: The Muslim World
  • 9 hours of Middle East electives