Latin American Studies

Latin American Ruins.



With nearly 600 million inhabitants, spread across 20 countries Latin America is a vast and varied region. The Latin American Studies concentration of the International Studies major offers University of South Alabama students coursework in language, culture, anthropology, political science, history and geography. This interdisciplinary approach is particularly rich, given the complexities of the region, from colonial times to NAFTA and beyond.

Students in Latin American studies have numerous options for study abroad. Recently students have traveled to Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Chile. In addition to improving their language skills, students studying in Latin American have made personal connections and gained first-hand knowledge of the region and its peoples.

A concentration in Latin American Studies prepares students for careers in government and non-governmental organizations, the military, business and law enforcement. Recent graduates have gone on to law school, work with the State Department and the Peace Corps.

Requirements for the Latin American Studies Concentration:

  • Four semesters of Spanish or Portuguese
  • Anthropology 347: Anthropology of Latin America
  • Geography 315: Geography of Latin America
  • History 228: Latin American History
  • Political Science 363: Latin American Politics
  • 6 hours of Latin American electives