Test Preparation

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"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." - Alexander Graham Bell

If you plan to enroll in an undergraduate studies program or attend graduate school, law school, or business school, we can help you realize your academic goals. With test preparation courses for the GRE®, GMAT®, LSAT®,  Praxis® Core and ACT®, The University of South Alabama is the Gulf Coast's leading test prep solution.

Standardized test scores on the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, Praxis or ACT are a major component of your college or graduate school application process. These tests play a significant role in determining the future of your education.  Standardized tests help determine your admission status and are often used in awarding merit-based scholarships, grants, fellowships, and assistantships.  Let USA’s Test Prep program help you prepare for and ace these important exams!

Our test preparation courses were designed by a team of former standardized test writers and test preparation experts.  Our experienced and professional instructors are highly trained and care about your success.  Let us help you achieve your goals!



  • Extensive instruction
  • Experienced, dedicated instructors
  • Comprehensive preparation materials, including actual questions and practice tests from the test-makers
  • Thorough presentations and explanations
  • Convenient access to our team of experts
  • Flexible schedule options
  • Access to online support resources

Students taking the GRE, GMAT, LSAT and PRAXIS will have access to these videotaped sessions for 120 days after your last session. 


Competition is increasing for college scholarships and the best way to stand out to admission officers is with a competitive ACT© score. The USA Center for Continuing Education offers students ACT preparation courses which cover the following areas:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science Reasoning
  • Reading
  • General Test Taking Topics and Strategies

ACT Live-Online Prep Course 

This ACT test-preparation program will help you prepare for this important test! ACT Prep courses are offered during the academic year, include 16 hours of instruction and are strategically scheduled for the weeks leading up to the most popular ACT test dates.  Classes are scheduled to allow time to practice new skills between sessions. Our multi-week course format allows abundant opportunities for learning and for interfacing with our expert instructors. The ACT Prep Courses are currently offered on a live-online format.


ACT/SAT Strategy Workshops 

Join us for an informative combined introduction to the ACT and SAT. If you are preparing for college, you probably have some questions about the pre-college admission tests. This session will introduce you to both tests and highlight some of the key similarities and differences between them. Our experienced instructor will guide you through some sample questions and teach you a few strategies. Come learn the basics about the ACT and SAT. We know you'll get a lot out of this free session.

SAT Test Prep

The Live-Online SAT Prep Course is an intensive test prep program that provides students with the tools they need to prepare for and ace the SAT. The Live-Online SAT is currently offered in a 16 hour Blitz format. The Live-Online SAT Blitz is offered during the academic year to prepare students to reach the test date of their choice at peak performance. These courses meet once to twice per week, allowing time to practice new skills during the week. Our multi-week format of the Live-Online SAT Prep Course leads to greater opportunities for learning and interaction with our expert instructors. Courses are conveniently scheduled in the weeks leading up to the most popular SAT dates and include 16 hours of instruction.


GRE - Advance your degree!

Seeking a graduate degree? The GRE revised General Test measures critical thinking, analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and that are not related to any specific field of study.  The GRE is required for a large variety of master’s degree and doctoral degree programs.  Master’s in Education (ME), Social Work (MSW), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Business, and Public Administration programs often require or accept the GRE exam. 

GMAT - Pursue your MBA!

Considering an MBA?  Let us help you get into the program of your choice.  The GMAT is the preferred exam for many top-ranking full-time and part-time MBA programs. Our professional instructors will help you understand each section of the GMAT, dissect each item type, and develop a comprehensive plan for test day success. 

 LSAT - Go to law school!

Pursuing a law degree? The LSAT® is a standardized test that is administered several times per year. Our LSAT Test Prep Classes are precisely scheduled to help you prepare for your preferred test date. Take the mystery out of the LSAT and get the tools you need to succeed on test day!


Praxis - Move toward a teaching career!

Trying to get into a teacher preparation or certification program? 

The Praxis® Core assesses basic mathematical skills, measures critical thinking skills, reading comprehension and written communication skills. The University of South Alabama's Praxis Core Prep Class is ideal for anyone looking to enter a teacher preparation program or to become certified to teach. 

Our Praxis Core Math preparation curriculum is a program developed by experts. In this course, you’ll master strategies to improve your Praxis score with the help of experienced test preparation instructors who care about your success. The Praxis Core Math On-Demand Prep Course includes all required course materials, a proven format, and online support resources in one convenient, affordable package.

Topics Include:
• Strategies for determining what the question is asking
• Approaches to math questions presented in abstract form
• Tactics for translating difficult real-world word problems into algebraic expressions or equations
• Review of the mathematical concepts tested on the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics

The Praxis Core Verbal is a comprehensive course including an overview of reading skills and writing conventions tested on the Praxis and prepares you for the questions typically seen on this test.

Topics Include:
• Recognizing and correcting written communication errors that typically appear on the test
• Correctly using and citing outside resources in research essays
• Writing an organized, coherent essay in a limited time
• Skimming longer passages for key information
• Scanning for key words in passages to locate relevant information
• Identifying and answering the types of reading comprehension questions that typically appear on the test

For the best deal choose the Praxis Math and Verbal Prep Bundle!

With the Praxis Core On-Demand classes, you will receive digital course materials and 120 days of access
to our online portal, which includes recordings of experienced instructors teaching the workbook modules,
an instructor-monitored question forum, and Online Office Hours, where you can chat with a live instructor.
You choose the schedule, the order, the location, and the timing of your Praxis preparation!

We will help you improve your skills, confidence, and score, all of which increase your chance of admission into the teacher preparation program of your choice!