Conferences and Events

Hosting or considering hosting a meeting or event?  You’ve found the right place for assistance.  An array of meeting essentials and services are available through the Center.  Our professional staff is well-versed and focused on the business of events, whether it is a seminar, retreat, camp, conference or convention.  We would be delighted to serve as your partner in success.

Event planning can be quite intimidating, but, we will schedule a complimentary consultation meeting with you (and your constituents if needed) to personally review your requirements, offer guidance, suggestions, and provide detailed descriptions of the services offered through the Center.  A custom proposal will be prepared after the consultation outlining our recommendations and the associated costs.  Services may be packaged together to offer an all-inclusive, “one-stop shop” option, highly recommended, or, they may be selected on an ala carte basis.  All of the services below are included in the all-inclusive option.

Conference services (outlined below) require evaluation and action at various stages of the event, pre-conference, during conference, and post conference.  Now, the "nuts & bolts," so to speak... 


In this phase of planning, we will discuss all aspects of your event to identify your programmatic needs. Some of the topics we will cover include: what is the purpose of your event, who will be attending, what is the budget, how will it be funded, and how will success be measured? Then we will move into a through needs assessment; space needs – meeting, banquet, exhibition, housing, registration, desired location and any additional arrangements.


This is the creative phase of planning. For programs choosing to utilize the Center’s full range of services, we will move into Event Design. This process progresses from identifying space needs to defining what will happen in the space and how it should look. Do you have or do you need speakers or presenters? Is audio-visual equipment needed? How will your exhibit space be configured? Are there any special needs, like a theme party, or requests for food & beverage? Will transportation be needed? Are there any additional details that need attention? Proposals for hosting events will be requested and reviewed with clients. Center staff will confirm selections; negotiate prices, and process contracts.

Throughout a meeting or event it is imperative to have a clear understanding of the people or person’s that are needed to properly carry out all of the specifications that were previously identified. Will University and Community VIP’s be attending? How will registration be handled? Is there a need for volunteers or chaperones? Are there special needs that require attention?



Defining a budget is one of the most crucial aspects of planning. When engaging Center staff, we will work with you to establish an economically sound plan by requesting proposals and negotiating rates for space, meals, and other services both on and off-campus. Rest assured that Center staff work within all University policies and guidelines to establish an event fund, process payments and disbursements, as well as, providing access to revenue tracking reports.


Marketing needs can vary greatly from event to event. Just as we work to define needs and implement plans for space and meals, marketing should be thoughtful, timely, and taken into consideration from day one. Beginning with how will attendees be invited, and how will event details be communicated, to printing the final agenda or program. Of course there are many stops along the way. Marketing activities typically fall into a few broad categories: materials – conference logo, brochure, agenda, signage, directional materials; digital – web presence, electronic event communication; merchandise – conference bags, promotional items; and public relations – talking points, press releases, media events, photograph opportunities. Center staff adheres to the University’s best practices for marketing and brand integrity guidelines.


Meetings and events, at their most basic level, are about people, and the audiences we serve.  What you can expect from Center staff:  

  • collaboration, each event is viewed as a partnership,  we are only successful if you are successful
  • respectful, ethical, and socially responsible guidance
  • recognition that each event is unique and handled appropriately
  • a willingness to “go that extra mile”