Spanish-woman in red dancingLANGUAGE EMPOWERS. CULTURE ENRICHES.

Center for Continuing Education Language Program

The University of South Alabama Center for Continuing Education offers conversational language programs that enrich travel, foster appreciation for other cultures, strengthen business collaborations, or simply facilitate personal learning goals. These courses are offered on our Mobile Campus and our Baldwin County Fairhope Campus.  

We are proud that our program now provides students language training that follows the "Common European Framework" (CEFR) competencies. This means that students may begin at the most rudimentary level and have a map to follow as far as they would like to go.   While our enhanced language program provides rich instruction, the courses remain interactive, fun, and stress free. 

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Course Description
Conversational French Courses The Conversational Level I & II French courses cover CEFR standards A.1 and lead students in the basics of speaking, articulating, reading and writing.  There will be plenty of interaction as the group learns French together!
Conversational Spanish Courses Spanish is one of the fastest growing languages int he world! Conversational Spanish Level I & II will take students through CEFR standard A.1.  Olivia Pinochet, a seasoned Spanish instructor, will take students through fun and informative courses, delving into the Spanish language and looking into different Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.