Finance Career and Salary Information

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Is a Career in Finance Right for You? 

What is finance? What do financial economists study, and why is it important? If you are considering a major in finance, please view the Chair's Welcome for further information:

What Kinds of Jobs are Available with a Degree in Finance?

Are you interested in a business career that utilizes the finance skills you have learned, but you aren’t sure what kinds of jobs are available? Visit Investopedia for some additional information on finance careers:

How do I find a Career in Finance?

Once you are considering a career in finance or know a career in finance is right for you, you may want to consider joining the Financial Management Association (FMA) while you are an undergraduate student.  See the website below for helpful information:

How Much Should I expect to Make with a Degree in Finance?

To see how much you should expect to make with a degree in finance, see the following information from the Investopedia: