Economics Career and Salary Information

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Is a Career in Economics Right for You? 

What is economics? What do economists study, and why is it important? If you are considering a major in economics, then this information from the American Economic Association (AEA) can help you decide if economics is right for you:

What Kinds of Jobs are Available with a Degree in Economics?

Are you interested in a business career that utilizes the economics you have learned, but you aren’t sure what kinds of jobs are available?  The American Economic Association also has information regarding careers:

How do I find a Career in Economics?

Ready to start your search for jobs in economics? A great place to find career opportunities is the NABE Business Economics Career Center:

How Much Should I expect to Make with a Degree in Economics?

To see how much you should expect to make with a degree in economics, see the following information from the AEA: