Departmental Honors in Nursing

Select students are invited to apply for the Departmental Honors in Nursing after their first semester of nursing.

What is Departmental Honors in Nursing?

Perhaps you are asking, “What is Honors in Nursing?” Many students are aware that the University of South Alabama has an Honors College. If you are an excellent student with a desire to seek challenges, Nursing Honors could be right for you! Select students who meet criteria of excellence in pre-nursing and beginning nursing courses are invited to apply for the Departmental Honors in Nursing in their first semester of nursing.Hello Baccalaureate Nursing Students! It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Departmental Honors in Nursing Webpage! This page is for current BSN students, pre-nursing students anticipating application to nursing, and for students enrolled in the Honors College.

Faculty members serve as mentors and assist students to identify appropriate thesis ideas and develop their plans in the process of developing a project. A final senior thesis and/or manuscript is part of the requirement to graduate “with Honors in Nursing.” Students have made presentations of their work to the National Student Nurse Association (NSNA) and Sigma Theta Tau International, the Honor Society of Nursing (STTI).

USA Departmental Honors in Nursing students have completed research in topics such as

  • Problem behaviors of adolescents adopted from the former Soviet Union (2007)
  • An integrative description of heart health in the elderly under-served population using the Roy Adaptation Model (2011)
  • Coaching as a nursing intervention for underserved community-based elders: A pilot case study program (2011)
  • Implementation of a Standardized Vancomycin Protocol: Quality Improvement through Interprofessional Collaboration (2013)
  • Nurse Led Clinics Impact on Quality of Life and Perception of Heart Failure (2013)
  • Perceptions of Interprofessional Collaboration (2013)
  • Triage Decision Making for a Rapid Response Protocol (2013)
  • Scripting with Hand Hygiene for Patient Satisfaction (2014)
  • Venous Thrombo-Embolus (VTE) Risk Assessment in Pregnancy (2014)
  • Moving Forward with Family Centered Care: One Step at a Time (2014)
  • Nurse Communication Skills with the Deaf Community (2016)
  • Knowledge and Perceptions of Hand Hygiene in Nursing Students (2016)
  • The Transition: Disease Knowledge and Transition Readiness (2017)
  • Homelessness: Attitudes of Nursing Students (2017)
  • Self-Efficacy and Self-Management in Children Transitioning to Insulin Pumps (2017)

The Departmental Honors in Nursing faculty eagerly anticipate working with you to discover your area of interest, develop your plan of study, and participate in the the implementation of your research and/or quality improvement project.

For further information, contact Dr. Leigh Minchew, Executive Director of the CON Honors Program, or (251) 445-9491.