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Admission Requirements

The University of South Alabama College of Nursing RN to BSN Pathway is specifically designed to meet the needs of Registered Nurses with a current RN license seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

The RN to BSN Professional Component consists of courses that address knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are needed to be successful in today’s dynamic healthcare settings. You will enjoy challenging yourself as you explore relevant topics related to modern day professional nursing issues. This program is taught entirely online and is a flexible option for working students who are managing work and family responsibilities as well as educational assignments. Graduates will have the skills to provide enhanced patient care, critique and apply research to clinical practice. Graduates will increase their skills and knowledge about informatics in healthcare, will have a better understanding of global health issues, and will be better prepared to collaborate with the interprofessional team in providing quality care in multiple work settings.

Online RN to BSN Professional Component

  1. The Professional Component consists of six (6) fully online nursing courses for a total of 24 credit hours.
  2. These courses must be completed at the University of South Alabama.
  3. Upper division nursing courses taken at another institution will not transfer or apply toward the 24 credit hours required to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at USA.
  4. Students proceed through the six online nursing courses at their desired pace.
  5. The Professional Component may be completed in a minimum of two (2) semesters.
  6. The Professional Component must be completed within five (5) years of beginning the Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum.
  7.  Admission is contingent upon the college's ability to secure an approved clinical site by the end of the first semester of program enrollment. Students are encouraged to secure their own clinical placement within an acceptable geographical area if desired. Submission of a formal letter of commitment will be required to verify guaranteed placement for future clinical rotations. If a student is unable to secure an acceptable site within their own geographical area, the college will work to identify an appropriate clinical placement which must be accepted by the student.
  8. Initial course registration is contingent upon the student's acceptable completion and results of the following requirements: Acceptance Packet, Drug and Background Screen, and Required Documents and Attestations within the Medical Documents Manager. If a student is unable to meet the initial registration requirements, they may transfer their first semester of enrollment to a future semester.

Online Professional Component Course Work – 24 Total Credit Hours

  • NU 450 Leadership & Management Roles for Professional Nursing Practice (4 credit hours)
  • NU 451 Current Issues and Trends in Professional Nursing Practice (4 credit hours)
  • NU 452 Clinical Prevention and Population Health (4 credit hours)
  • NU 453 Information Management and Technology in Healthcare (4 credit hours)
  • NU 454 Research and Evidence Based Practice Practicum (4 credit hours)
  • NU 455 Concepts of Interprofessional Practice (4 credit hours)
▼   RN to BSN Prerequisites  – 59 Total Credit Hours

The RN to BSN Prerequisites consists of eighteen (18) courses, totaling 59 semester hours. These general education courses may be completed at any accredited institution. They must be successfully completed before admission to the Professional Component.  It is the policy of the College of Nursing to average grades for all coursework repeated.

Written Communication

Course Credit Hours
EH 101 English Composition I 3
EH 102 English Composition II 3

Humanities and Fine Arts

Course Credit Hours
Fine Arts (Music, Drama, or Art) 3
*Literature Elective (American, British, or World) 3
Humanities Elective (Literature for sequence, Philosophy, Foreign Language, Music, Art, Drama, Public Speaking, or Religion) 6

History/Social and Behavioral Science

Course Credit Hours
PSY 120 Introduction to Psychology or Psychology Elective 3
*History elective (US, World, or Western Civilization) 3
History/Social/Behavioral Science Elective (history for sequence, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Communications, or Anthropology) 6

Natural Sciences

Course Credit Hours
College Algebra, Finite Math, or Pre-Calculus 3
Chemistry & Lab or Biology with a Lab 4
Second Natural Science with a Lab (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, or Astronomy) 4

Major Requirements

Course Credit Hours

BLY 213 & BLY 214 Microbiology & Lab OR 

BMD 210 Microbiology in Healthcare & BMD 210L Lab 
BMD 251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I includes Lab
BMD 252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II includes Lab
ST 210 / ST 305 / BUS 245 / PSY 220 Statistics (Select one)
Computer Elective

Total Credits 59

*Must have one history elective and one literature elective. In addition, you must choose a second history or second literature to complete a two-part sequence (e.g. US History I, US History II or American Literature I, American Literature II)

Evaluation of a student’s transcripts by the College of Nursing for the Online RN-BSN Pathway is contingent upon the official transfer credit articulation of your complete academic history. This is done by the USA Registrar once you are admitted as a transfer student to the University.

Students can use the USA Transfer Evaluation System to assess which credits earned at their current or former school may transfer to the University of South Alabama.  This is an unofficial course evaluation. 

Transfer Students can locate information on admission requirements, Pathway USA Program, Transfer Center, General Education/Core Curriculum, and STARS Guide on the USA Transfer Student page.

▼   Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduation
The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree is awarded at the successful completion of the Professional Component.  Students must apply for graduation to be awarded the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The application must be submitted by the deadline for the semester the student completes all degree requirements. The USA Graduation Application and posted application deadlines for each semester are located on the USA Registrar’s Website.
▼   Concurrent Enrollment with Community Colleges

USA’s Concurrent ADN to BSN program allows you to earn an USA nursing degree more quickly than the 2+2 model.

Through this unique, concurrent enrollment program, you will take ADN-level courses at Coastal Alabama Community College or Jones College while also taking BSN courses taught by USA faculty delivered in an online format. When you complete your ADN degree, you may have already earned more than half of your BSN credits – and will complete the remainder of USA’s RN to BSN program in a convenient, flexible online format.

Students who are enrolled in USA’s Concurrent ADN to BSN program may be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN after successfully completing the ADN portion of their program and prior to enrolling in their final BSN courses at USA. Students will also be required to complete all pre-requisite courses prior to continuing enrollment in the RN to BSN program after graduation from the associate degree program.

Admissions: Apply 3 times/year | Summer, Fall or Spring start
Program Length: 2-6 semesters | Graduate with BSN 1-2 Semesters After Completing ADN
Program Type: Concurrent Enrollment in ADN and BSN Programs
Delivery Method: Online


This program is offered through Coastal Alabama Community College, Jones College, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Contact Information

Dr. Pam Johnson - Program Coordinator

Kristyn Seawell – RN-BSN Academic Advisor