Statistics 545 syllabus

Stat in Research II

Course Description: Continuation of ST 540. Coverage includes regression analysis through matrices, multiple, partial and multiple-partial correlation analysis, model building algorithms, non-linear regression, analysis of covariance, completely randomized, randomized complete block, and factorial experimentation for equal and unequal cell replication, logistic regression, resampling, basic multivariate techniques, and computer-assisted data analysis. 

Pre-requisites: ST 540 Minimum Grade of C

Suggested Text: Biostatistics: A foundation for analysis in health sciences by Daniel and Cross, Tenth Edition

Learning outcomes: Upon the successful completion of the course a student will:

understand and apply advanced concepts of statistical inference
conduct the relevant analysis with the help of at least one software available
analyze a multivariate data with applications from various disciplines including from computer sciences, engineering biology sociology and marine sciences.