Mobile Math Circle

Mobile Math Circle in action
Welcome to the Mobile Math Circle!  Please come and join us.  All high school and middle school students are invited.

The Mobile Mathematics Circle is a weekly gathering of students of high school and middle school age guided by professional mathematicians. It is designed for students who enjoy math and want the challenge of exciting problems that are normally outside the school curriculum.

The Mobile Mathematics Circle belongs to the great tradition of Mathematics Circles which started in Hungary more than a century ago and has grown stronger worldwide every year.

The activities of the Mobile Math Circle are sponsored by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Alabama.

New students are welcome. Sessions are free for all students.

The Circle meets Mondays from 7 PM until 8 PM.  In order to participate in our weekly meetings you need to register online. 

Register for Math Circle Meeting

Due to the Thanksgiving break there is no meeting on Monday, November 20. All meetings are in room MSPB 140 on the USA campus.

In order to attend our meetings you will need to click here to register for the weekly meetings or use the registration button above. 


Past Math Olympiads

Congratulations to the 2023 Mobile Math Olympiad winners! 

2023 Mobile Math Olympiad

  • 1st Prize: James Kim (ASMS) and Marlan Zha (ASMS)

  • 2nd Prize: Jayden Lin (W.P. Davidson High School), Emma Saalwaechter (ASMS), Shahir Latif (W.P. Davidson High School) and Benjamin Whatley (Home Schooled)

  • 3rd Prize: Matthew (Ngo W.P. Davidson High School),  Bernhard Pavelescu (Council Traditional School) and Julia Taylor (ASMS)


2023 Middle School Olympiad

  • 1st Prize Grades 5 and 6: Bernard Pavelescu, Council Traditional School.

  • 2nd Prize Grades 5 and 6: Aritra Biswas, Phillips Preparatory School, Matthew Pyle, Pearl Haskew Elementary School, Aine Zirlott, Barton Academy.

  • 3rd Prize Grades 5 and 6: Shawn Choi, Clark-Shaw Magnet School, Marley Conner, Barton Academy, Sabine Downing,  Phillips Preparatory School, Renata Gonzalez Espana, Clark-Shaw Magnet School, Eugenio Gonzalez Espana, Eichold-Mertz Magnet School, Harper McCraw, Barton Academy, Khushi Patel, Clark-Shaw Magnet School.

  • 1st Prize Grades 7 and 8: Andrews Grinstead, St. Ignatius.

  • 2nd Prize Grades 7 and 8: Violet Borchert, Clark-Shaw Magnet School, Victoria Davidson, Clark-Shaw Magnet School.

  • 3rd Prize Grades 7 and 8: Catalina Bryan, Clark-Shaw Magnet School, Daniel Kim, Clark-Shaw Magnet School, Mahi Tambe, Spanish Fort Middle


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Questions? Please send email to Dr. Pillen