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Mobile Math Circle in Action

Welcome to the Mobile Math Circle! Please come and join us. All high school and middle school students are invited.

The Mobile Mathematics Circle is a weekly gathering of students of high school and middle school age guided by professional mathematicians. It is designed for students who enjoy math and want the challenge of exciting problems that are normally outside the school curriculum.

The Mobile Mathematics Circle belongs to the great tradition of Mathematics Circles which started in Hungary more than a century ago and has grown stronger worldwide every year.

The activities of the Mobile Math Circle are sponsored by the Alabama Space Grant Consortium and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Alabama.

New students are welcome. Sessions are free for all students.

The Circle meets Mondays from 7 PM until 8 PM.  In order to participate in our weekly meetings you need to register online. Go to Registration .

The first Spring meeting of the 2022/23 Mobile Math Circle will be on Monday, January 23 via Zoom.

Most meetings during the Spring semester 2023 will be online via Zoom. In order to attend the online meetings you will need to register.

The 2023 Mobile Mathematics Olympiad will be held on Saturday, February 11th, 10 AM - 12 noon, in the Mathematics and Statistics Department (MSPB) on the University South Alabama Campus. You need to register for the Olympiad. See link below.

All high school students and advanced middle school students are invited.

Please fill out the Registration for the Olympiad.



Congratulations to this year's Mobile Math Olympiad winners! 

The winners are:

2022 Mobile Math Olympiad

1st Prize : Jacob Kim (ASMS) and Jinwoo Jeong (ASMS)
2nd Prize: Christina Trinh (W.P. Davidson High School) and Marlan Zha (ASMS) 
3rd Prize: James Kim (ASMS), Bernhard Pavelescu (Council Traditional School) and Kenneth Womble (ASMS)

Honorable Mention: Jacob Kim (Clark-Shaw Magnet School), Hunter Ryan (Faith Academy), Joseph Sherrod (ASMS), Sidney Silverstone (Tuscaloosa Magnet Schools-Middle), Julia Taylor (ASMS) and Benjamin Whatley (Home Schooled)


2022 Middle School Olympiad

6th grade 1st Prize : Sidney Silverstone (Tuscaloosa Magnet School Middle)

6th grade 2nd Prize: Noah Hix (Denton Magnet School of Technology)   

6th grade 3rd Prize: Aeesha Mulani (Tuscaloosa Magnet School Middle); Aniketh Kalyan (Tuscaloosa Magnet School         Middle); Daniel Kim (Clark-Shaw Magnet School)


7th grade 1st Prize : Andrews Grinstead (St. Ignatius)

7th grade 2nd Prize: Thomas Luker (Clark-Shaw Magnet School)

7th grade 3rd Prize: Benjamin Whatley (Home Schooled); Alex Choi (Clark-Shaw Magnet School); Piper Velaski (Clark-Shaw Magnet School)


8th grade 1st Prize: Ahmed Shaalan (Phillips Preparatory School)

8th grade 2nd Prize: Jacob Kim (Clark-Shaw Magnet School)

8th grade 3rd Prize: Hunter Morris (Homeschool Evangel); Chloe' Noever (Hampton Cove Middle School); Kayty Phan (Phillips Preparatory School)

Overall Best Score: Sidney Silverstone (6th grade - Tuscaloosa Magnet School Middle)



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Questions? Please send email to Dr. Pillen